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Happiness is a great ice cream coming home to your celebrations.

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ChitChat since 1980

1980 saw the birth of an ice cream brand that was far removed from anything Chennaiites had been used to. Founded with an aim to reach healthy, nutritious and yummy ice-creams to the populace, Chit Chat started to produce and serve whole milk-based ice-creams in the city. To date we produce ice-creams the same way we did when we had started out almost 40 years ago, with the purest of ingredients - milk, sugar, nuts, fruits and other ingredients essential to making the finest ice-creams your money can buy.

Our manufacturing facility at Valasaravakkam, Chennai that crafts these boutique ice-creams are set to the highest of industry standards and follows stringent rules in food processing and distribution. Being a boutique ice-cream maker also ensures that the ice-creams you buy at Chit Chat are always the freshest ever in the segment.

To date we own the art of making ice-creams the traditional and healthy way. We remain passionate about our craft. We remain persistent about our quality. And we still make the best and biggest ice-cream sundaes!

Our Location

We are wherever you want us to be. We cater to weddings, birthdays and other events around the city. You can also drop into our exclusive ice-cream outlets at

  • Anna Salai
  • Valsarwakkam

Our Speciality

Baking is our Passion

Way back in 1980 started a wonderful, simple, natural process of churning ice cream!

And even today, we continue with our tradition of bringing you the richness of pure ice cream - ChitChat The IceCream! The difference is not just in the way we make our ice cream. It is the purity & freshness in the milk, sugar, nuts, fruits and other ingredients we use that make it really special.

Enjoy the luscious home fresh ice cream taste that are not just traditional but are also rare!

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